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What to Expect

For many of you, having a professional photoshoot will be a whole new experience, so here's a bit about what you can expect.

Before the shoot

Once you have made an enquiry or booked a shoot, I will contact you to discuss your ideas and thoughts for the shoot and to find out a bit more about what has motivated you to want the photoshoot. We can also discuss any looks, hobbies or personal props you may want to try and incorporate. This all helps me to plan the shoot so that you receive images that best reflect you and your style.

Before the shoot I will also send you a copy of our e-book 'Preparing for Your Photoshoot'. This includes helpful tips about preparing for the shoot, hints about posing and other helpful information.

I will then contact you a couple of days before the shoot to confirm the final arrangements.  

On the Day

I will arrive at your home, or the agreed location, promptly at the scheduled time. Following introductions we will chat about the shoot while we walk around to identify the best spots to create backgrounds for the shoot.

We will decide on our first scene and outfit, and while you get ready I will put up studio lights and prepare the camera. The shoot will always start with a few test shots so that I can check the camera settings and to give you the chance to get use to being in front of the lens.


We will start to shoot, agreeing changes of location or outfit and poses as we go. We can chat and/or listen to music while we shoot and I will show you some of the pictures on the camera, so you can get an idea of the images we are creating.

You should be prepared for the fact that there may be short periods of waiting while I re-configure the camera or check images, but over all the day should be relaxed and fun.


After the shoot I will need a short time to pack away the lights and other equipment. We will then have a short chat about what you thought of your day, any scenes/poses you particularly liked or any that you were not so keen on.

After the Shoot

A few days after the shoot I will send you a link so that you can view the images from our session online. This is when you can pick which images you would like to receive as part of your package. I'll also ask you for feedback on the shoot.

Depending on how many images you decide you would like and whether they are digital or printed images you will receive your fully-edited pictures within 2 to 4 weeks.

If you'd like to know more about the process, or have a specific question check out the comprehensive, frequently asked questions page. 

To find out more about photoshoots download a copy of our e-brochure 'You Could be a Model'

Our e-booklet You Coud Be A Model