Why Have a Beauty & Boudoir Photoshoot?

Every person that arranges a Beauty & Boudoir photoshoot has their own reasons for doing

so, but here are some of the most common ones:

To mark a significant life event

Maybe you are about to get married, have your first child, are approaching a milestone birthday, or perhaps you've recently gotten divorced - whatever the life event many people mark these occasions with pictures. If you'd like a special memory for you or a loved one, what better way than to create some great images that celebrate your beauty and spirit.

To build confidence and empowerment

Some people arrange a beauty and boudoir photo shoot to help them build their inner strength and body confidence.

There are few greater boosts to your feeling of personal empowerment than seeing yourself looking radiant and beautiful, and having images that you can return to whenever you need a little lift.

To capture a time of life

Perhaps you feel that you are in the prime of your life and you want a way to capture it forever. Well I can't promise to stop the progress of time, but I can capture this moment in time as a memory you can have forever.

To record your beauty and spirit

As we leave our youth behind, some people can feel that their period of greatest beauty is behind them, but it isn't true. As we go through life our experiences and accumulated knowledge help us to replace the fleeting beauty of youth with an inner beauty that shines out just as strongly and can be captured in pictures.

To celebrate a return to self

Maybe you've been through a difficult time recently, facing unusual stresses or struggling with physical or mental health issues. Now these issues are starting to resolve, why not mark a return to feeling like yourself by having a beauty and boudoir photo shoot.​

Some people are left with physical changes to their body as a result of treatment, having some great pictures taken can help you accept and embrace those changes.

To pamper yourself

Perhaps its been too long since you dedicated some time just to yourself, or maybe you've been working hard and have earned a pampering. Why not spoil yourself with a beauty and boudoir photoshoot where you are the centre of attention.  

As a gift

Maybe you want to mark your wedding, or a key anniversary or a milestone birthday by gifting some memorable images of you to your partner. Something to look back on and remember the excitement of the time.

Or why not buy a gift voucher for a loved one, so they can experience being the centre of attention at a photoshoot.

As an experience

Some people book a beauty and boudoir shoot just because they can. It might be a long-term, bucket list item or a spare of the moment decision, but either way maybe you just want to add to your list of life experiences.

To feel close to a partner or friend

How about sharing a unique experience with a partner or close friend, to reaffirm your relationship and rejoice in being together. You'll also have some amazing images of the two of you together that you can look back on as the years go by.

As a group celebration

What better way to celebrate your coming marriage than having a photoshoot with a group of friends as part of your hen party activities. Or maybe your sports team has won the championship and you want to celebrate together, or you want to mark your graduation with the people you've shared your studies with. Whatever the reason there is no better way to share a celebration than to enjoy a group photoshoot and have some great images to remember it forever.

. . . o o O o o . . .

So now it's over to you, if any of these reasons strike a chord with you, or if you have reasons of your own it's time to believe in yourself, know that you are worth it and experience your own beauty and boudoir photoshoot.


This could be a once in a life-time experience that captures your beauty and spirit in some stunning images that you will treasure forever. So, empower yourself by seizing this opportunity and booking a shoot today.

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"I had a first shoot with Tim today at my home, he's a friendly and chatty guy and made me feel comfortable instantly. Tim is very professional and throughout made sure I felt comfortable with what we were doing.

I would highly recommend Tim - he is full of ideas and a lot of fun to work with. 

Thanks for a great shoot."

Belle, Mansfield

Types of Photoshoot

We can offer many variations on a beauty and boudoir photoshoot to suit your specific requirements. You can also mix and match these different types during your shoot, to create a range of different photo styles. 

Beauty or Portrait Shoot

This can cover a wide range of styles, from pretty portraits, through jeans and t-shirt around the house, to summer dresses in the park or black and white shots in your favourite evening wear. Whatever you feel comfortable in, we can create some lovely images of you. 

Modelling, Portfolio or Social Media Shoot

For those that want to build a portfolio of shots for use on their social media or to showcase their modelling talents we can arrange a special shoot in which we have several changes of outfit and look to give you a wide range of shots to choose from.

Classic Boudoir Shoot

Classic images wearing lingerie in the bedroom or on a sofa. These kind of images can often give people the biggest confidence boost as they see themselves in a way that they have not seen before. 

Maternity Photoshoot, Pregnancy Photoshoot or Mother & Baby Shoot

Why not consider a twist on the normal baby pictures with a maternity or mother & baby boudoir photoshoot. Create some images you will cherish forever, maybe of you and the baby wrapped in a long length of organza fabric.

Couple's or Romantic Photoshoot

Some people want to share their shoot with their partner and create some romantic and smouldering images of the two of you together.

Pin-Up, Glamour or Erotic Boudoir

For those that would like some images with a sexier edge, there are a whole range of glamour and pin-up photoshoot styles we can use. Bear in mind that nude shoots can be suggestive without being blatant, using body parts or props to cover up the most intimate areas. 

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If the style of shoot your interested in is not mentioned above, just let me know and we can discuss the possibilities. So, if you'd like a fantasy, cosplay, milk bath, team or any other kind of beauty and boudoir related photoshoot I'm sure we can help. Fill in the Booking Enquiry Form with your requirements and I'll get back to you.