See what other people said about their photoshoot experience.

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I really enjoyed working with Tim today.


He was very professional and made me feel very relaxed, welcome, and comfortable within the shoot. Tim was funny, polite, and friendly.


I would highly recommend him to anyone, and  I cannot wait to see the end results. 

Thanks again Tim, you did an amazing job.


Beth, Sandwell

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I had a great shoot with Tim. Lovely guy who makes you feel at ease from the outset.


He has some great ideas and offered support and guidance throughout which was very helpful. And I am looking forward to seeing the end results.

Would highly recommend 100%.


RK, Dudley

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Had an amazing duo photo shoot with Tim.


He was very professional and helpful with poses and ideas. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a photoshoot with amazing results

Thanks again Tim.

Mr M., Leicestershire

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I had an absolutely fantastic experience at a home shoot with Tim.


Both extremely professional and very friendly, he made me instantly feel calm, happy and listened to. We came up with some brilliant ideas and managed to capture some lush images.


10/10 definitely recommend to work with. 

Lilly, Leicestershire

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First time shooting with Tim today! Such a lovely guy, easy to talk to, had great ideas & had so much fun!

Always made sure I was comfortable with poses/outfits and I felt very safe and at ease.


Would 100% recommend.

JH, Walsall

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Amazing photographer. Friendly and makes sure you are ok and happy with your poses.


It was the first time I'd done anything like this, but Tim made me feel very comfortable.

Suzy, Derby

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Tim was so understanding and thoughtful throughout our shoot.

Tim is full of creative ideas and themes which he suggested based on images I had shown him. Working with Tim is so much fun and relaxed, he is so friendly and easy to get on with.


If you haven’t worked with Tim yet I highly recommend you do. You won’t regret it.

Miss T, Southampton

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Tim made me feel totally comfortable and I found it easy to pose with him.

I really enjoyed the shoot and I'm looking forward to working with Tim again. I really would recommend him to anyone who has not done this before as he is a pleasure to work with and is not pushy at all.


Always very professional too. I'm looking forward to seeing the images we created.

A, Nottingham

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Had my first photoshoot with Tim today, and what a great shoot it was too. 


His pre-shoot information was amazing, and during the shoot Tim was friendly, chatty, easy to work with and most considerate to my comfort at all times.

I would highly recommend shooting with Tim and I can't wait to see the finished photos.

Taz, Southampton

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Amazing guy! Tim was wonderful and showed up with some positive energy and attitude!

He was sweet and very polite and I had such a great time shooting with him.

Cam, Nottingham

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Tim arrived on time at my home and after a cuppa and a chat we started shooting. Tim is very professional, but also laid back and chatty and the time whizzed by.

I would highly recommend working with Tim.

Kylie, Coventry

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Fantastic shoot with Tim!

He immediately made me feel comfortable and he was very professional and polite.

The photos we produced were great. I would recommend Tim to anyone.

Ellie, Loughborough

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I absolutely loved my experience with the lovely Tim Jackson. He made me feel so comfortable right away, and he was completely respectful. He has so many outstanding ideas, working with him is honestly effortless!

Miss M, Leicester

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Tim came with a fantastic idea for our shoot. He was lovely to work with, professional, chatty and the time for the shoot flew by.

Miss R, Nottingham

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Tim was absolutely brilliant - very engaging, helpful and made me feel very confident.

I would highly recommend Tim and he is fantastic with people that have not done this before. If I were to score him out of 5 he would get a 10.

Amy, Leicestershire

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Very friendly and made me laugh plus he's polite and ever so professional. Tim took amazing photos and was great to work with - very helpful.

Jayne, Hinckley

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Tim found a great location for us to shoot and he was very professional. I would highly recommend him and would love to do it again.

Scarlet, Birmingham

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This was my second shoot with Tim and we shot at a hotel this time.

As ever Tim was polite and very professional. He makes me feel very comfortable while shooting, which makes for better pictures. I would definitely recommend him.

A, Nottingham

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Tim arrived on time with lots of gear. He was respectful, polite, chatty and non-pushy. I had fun during the shoot and laughed a lot.

I'm very happy with the pictures and would recommend Tim.

R, Milton Keynes

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Leading up to the shoot Tim provided a lot of information that I found extremely useful, especially as someone that had never done anything like this before.

He was very professional throughout and made me feel very comfortable. I really enjoyed our shoot and hope we can do it again some time.

Jane, Staffordshire

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I had a lovely shoot with Tim. He was friendly and chatty, and made me feel at ease.

Grace, Coventry

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My sister came along to the shoot with me, and made both of us feel very comfortable. I had never modelled before and Tim gave me some great direction.


I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

A, Nottingham

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We had a couples shoot with Tim.

He is a lovely guy, friendly and very respectful/professional. He was very polite and respectful to what we would and wouldn't be comfortable shooting. The images as a consequence were at ease and brilliantly constructed.

A great photographer that I would highly recommend.

Mr J, Telford

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The information I received beforehand was exceptional and it made for an absolutely great shoot.

Tim was professional, friendly and good to have a laugh with, but the most important thing for me was to feel comfortable and Tim was so lovely and respectful I felt totally comfortable.


An exceptional photographer that I would recommend to anyone.

Miss G, Birmingham

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I really enjoyed our shoot together. We had a lot of laughs and got some great photographs.

Tim has lots of fantastic ideas, is very respectful and enjoyable to work with - I would 100% recommend him to work with.

L, Leicester

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This was my second shoot with Tim. He arrived on the day with plenty of ideas and enthusiasm, we had a great shoot and I believe we created some really nice pictures.


Once again I cannot fault Tim for his efforts and attention to detail, time spent on making the shots unique and as usual his friendly and professional mannerisms.


I would highly recommend Tim as a photographer.

Danielle, Leicester

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The pre-shoot communications were perfect, with so much detail about the shoot. Tim arrived on time, was friendly yet professional at all times and directed me in what to do.

I'd love to work with him again.

Liz, Leicestershire

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Very pleasant, polite and respectful. A totally professional photographer who I'd happily work with again.

Julieanne, Leicestershire

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I would highly recommend Tim.


I was a little nervous, but he put me at ease and had some great ideas. Absolutely brilliant and very professional.

Miss Moore, Walsall

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I had a wonderful shoot with Tim.


He arrived on time, and held a great conversation. Tim had a lot of ideas and together I believe we created some great images.


I would highly recommend Tim to others. He is polite, courteous, professional, creative, talented and makes you feel totally at ease.

Mrs A, South Derbyshire

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My shoot with Tim was absolutely brilliant.

Tim arrived on time, was friendly and professional and instantly made me feel at ease. An amazing photographer who I would highly recommend.

Danielle, Leicester

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I'm absolutely over the moon that we got an opportunity to meet and do a photoshoot together.

Organising the shoot with you was so easy, and the shoot brief was very clear. You arrived at my house with a huge smile, and were really polite. You are so friendly and talkative yet professional and creative. I don't have a negative thing to say about the experience.

Miss Black, Mansfield

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The information I received pre-shoot was amazing and Tim is easily one of the most organised photographers I've worked with.

We had a location shoot at an old priory. We began by walking around and discussing what we would do. Tim constantly made sure I was comfortable, and gave great and detailed direction. I would definitely recommend Tim to everybody.

Miss N, Nuneaton

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Tim is a pleasure to work with. He arrived at my home on time and full prepared.

He produced some lovely pictures and I would highly recommend him.

Marie, Derby

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I had a great shoot with Tim.


He effortlessly puts you at ease and is professional, polite and fun to work with. Tim has a good eye for detail and is a genuinely nice person.


I would definitely recommend him to all.

Anne, Leicester

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Tim's pre-shoot communications were excellent, so I fully understood what we would be doing. Tim arrived on time, and instantly put me at ease. He is super friendly and easy to chat to.

He was very respectful throughout the shoot, and the images looked great. Thanks for a great shoot.

Mrs T, Kidderminster