Photo Editing

Retouching, or post-production, is the art of editing digital images to enhance their appearance. This may include removing skin blemishes, making eyes pop, editing the background, removing unwanted objects or changing the overall colour tone, among other things.


Using these skills a re-toucher can totally change the look of a photo, and turn a snap shot into a quality image. Even subtle changes can have a big impact and most of the edits will not be 'obvious'. Look at the examples of my work below to see what can be achieved.

Renea 2 Before.jpg


Workflow Sample 2 Before.jpg


Tann 2 Before.jpg


Sam 2 Before.jpg


If you have cherished pictures that you would like enhanced then I can do it for you. Perhaps your wedding pictures aren't quite as good as you'd hoped for, maybe your 21st birthday party snaps are a bit dark or your holiday pics don't have the vibrancy you remember - if so, then from as little as £3 per picture, I can give you back the memories you wanted.


In the first instance use the Enquiry Form to tell me about your requirements.