Creating a Milk Bath Photoshoot

A milk bath is our of our most popular creative shoots, and creating this look might be less complicated than you think.

We fill the bath with warm water, just deep enough to cover your body. Milk is then added to the bath to achieve the required level of opacity. Less milk and it will be translucent, so your body can be seen under the water. More milk and the opacity increases until only parts of your body above the water are visible.

Studio lights are set up in the bathroom to ensure the model is well lit and the water looks white and milky. Too little light and the water can look grey.

When shooting a milk bath set you can wear a lacey or light-weight dress, lingerie, be nude or be covered by a sheer fabric cloth. You then get in to the bath and assume your first pose. It is only at this point that flowers, fruit, foliage, candles or other floating items are added to the bath.

The photographer stands over the bath to take the images. As different poses are adopted it is usually necessary to reposition the floating items as they move or sink under the water.

And that's it. Once the pictures are edited some amazing images can be created. If you'd like to try it, book a Creative Photoshoot with us and we'll produce some stunning milk bath images of you.

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