Why Have a Beauty and Boudoir Shoot?

Everybody that decides to have a beauty and boudoir photoshoot has their own reasons for doing it, but here are a few of the most common reasons.

To mark a significant life event

We often capture significant life events with photographs. Whether it's marriage, your first child, a milestone birthday or a finalised divorce people want to create some new memories that they can treasure.

To build confidence and empowerment

​Some people arrange a beauty and boudoir photo shoot to help them build their inner strength, increase their body confidence and boost their feelings of personal empowerment.

To capture a time of life

Perhaps you are in the prime of your life and you would like some amazing images to capture it forever.

To record your beauty and spirit

As we leave our youth behind, some people can feel that their period of greatest beauty is behind them, but it isn't true. As we go through life our experiences and accumulated knowledge help us to replace the fleeting beauty of youth with an inner beauty that shines out just as strongly.

To celebrate a return to self

Maybe you've been through a difficult time recently, facing unusual stresses or struggling with physical or mental health issues. Now these issues are starting to resolve, why not mark a return to feeling like yourself by having a beauty and boudoir photo shoot.​

To pamper yourself

Perhaps its been too long since you dedicated some time just to yourself, or maybe you've been working hard and have earned a pampering.

As a gift

Maybe you want to mark your wedding, or a key anniversary or a milestone birthday by gifting some memorable images of you to your partner.

As an experience

Some people book a beauty and boudoir shoot just because they can. It might be a long-term, bucket list item or a spare of the moment decision, but either way maybe you just want to add to your list of life experiences.

To feel close to a partner or friend

How about sharing a unique experience with a partner or close friend, to reaffirm your relationship and rejoice in being together.

As a group celebration

What better way to celebrate your coming marriage than having a photoshoot with a group of friends as part of your hen party activities. Or maybe your sports team has won the championship and you want to celebrate together - whatever the reason there is no better way to share a celebration.

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